Hazelwood and Polished Honey Amber Necklace

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Hazelwood and Polished Honey Amber Necklace

 Lemon Vines now brings to you the magic of the Hazel Tree. Hazelwood has been used for its medicinal purposes for centuries. Hazelwoods is said to create a more alkaline environment within the body system. It is used to treat acid based conditions such as exzema, acid reflux, heartburn and ulcers. When worn against the skin, hazelwood redues free-radicals within body. The addition of Baltic Amber inbetween the Hazelwood pieces gives you the ability to subside teething pain as well. 

Each necklace comes individually packaged in our beautiful rigid box with magnetic closure.

(Hazelwood should not be used to replace advise given by your medical proffesional)

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