Basic Starter Package

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Basic Starter Package

This is a basic starter package that would fit most retailers who are just starting out with Baltic Amber Jewelry in their stores. This package includes the follow

2- 28cm Polished Honey/Dark Cherry necklaces

1- 32cm Polished Honey/Dark Cherry necklace

2- 28cm Polished Honey necklaces

1-32cm Polished Honey necklace

2- 28cm Polished Cognac necklaces

1- 32cm Polished Cognac necklace

2- 28cm Polished Multi Necklaces

1- 32cm Polished Multi Necklace

2- 28cm Unpolished Honey necklaces

1- 32cm Unpolished Honey necklace

1 -28cm Unpolished Congac necklace

1 - 32cm Unpolished Cognac necklace

1 28cm Unpolished rainbow necklace

1 32cm Unpolished rainbow necklace

1 36cm Polished Honey/dark cherry necklace

1 36cm Polished Honey necklace

1 36cm Unpolished Congac necklace

1 36cm Unpolished Rainbow necklace

1 36cm Polished Multi Necklace

12 Gift boxes

30 brochures

24 Certificate of authenticity booklets

1 Small counter display

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