Baby/Child Chakra Bracelet, Baltic Amber and Gemstone

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Baby/Child Chakra Bracelet, Baltic Amber and Gemstone

All the same features as our Adult Chakra bracelet but without the aromatherapy beads (for safety reasons these can not be included in this bracelet). 

These bracelets are 13.5 cm in length and have a twist clasp closure. 

There are seven zones of energy, or function, within the body.

Root chakra
Color: Red
Element: Earth
Location: Base of the spine, tailbone
Related Body Functions: Elimination of waste and toxins, core balance, pelvic floor
Purpose: Feeling of being grounded, safe and secure.

Sacral or pelvic chakra
Color: Orange
Element: Water
Location: Two inches below the belly button in the lower abdomen
Related Body Functions: Lower digestion and absorption, immune system, sexual organs
Purpose: Feeling pleasurable, accepting, creative and abundant

Solar plexus chakra
Color: Yellow
Element: Fire
Location: Around the point where the ribs meet in the middle of your abdomen
Related Body Functions: Upper digestion, stomach, diaphragm
Purpose: Feeling confident and in control, self-worth

Heart chakra
Color: Green
Element: Air
Location: Center of the chest, on the breast bone
Related Body Functions: Breathing, cardiovascular function
Purpose: Feeling loved and giving love, inner peace

Throat chakra
Color: Blue
Element: Ether or space
Location: In the throat in the Adam’s apple area
Related Body Functions: Taste, swallowing, speaking, jaw tightness
Purpose: Being able to communicate and express, both inwardly and outwardly

Third eye chakra
Color: Indigo (blue-violet)
Element: Light
Location: In the forehead, between the eyes
Related Body Functions: Sight, decision-making, perception
Purpose: Feeling able to understand life situations and perceive meaning

Crown chakra
Color: Violet
Element: Cosmic energy
Location: On top of or just above the head
Related Body Functions: Mental peace and connectedness
Purpose: Feeling beautiful, connected and purposeful.

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    Rainbow chakra baby bracelet/anklet

    Posted by Texanna Laymon on Jun 6th 2019

    We previously had the Belmont and ammonite anklet, loves it, wore it every day and never took it off until it literally had to be re-beaded. Ordered this one as a back up and it is LOVE for our rainbow baby! So beautiful, we added the lemons beads to this one as well so it will go along with her necklace.

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